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Taking a leaf out of [ profile] railise's book, I'm posting a couple of ficy things written for [ profile] hoodland.

Title: Marian and the Seven Outlaws
Characters: Marian, the outlaws
Rating: PG
Hoodland Challenge: Once Upon a Time Challenge
Date: 25 Jun 10


Once upon a time there was a castle in Nottingham. In there lived the evil sheriff with his minions.

Also living in the castle was Marian.

The evil sheriff had a loyal servant, Guy of Gisborne, but that man tended to be distracted by Marian who was trying to talk good into him. The evil sheriff was envious.

One day he was looking into his mirror. “La di da di da, tell me, who is more important to Gisborne, I or the leper?”


Leper leper leper, it echoed through the empty hallways of the dark castle. The sheriff was furious.

He called one of his guards and ordered him to take Marian into the deep wood and kill her there. The guard led Marian out of the castle, though she was pretty annoyed as to what was going on. Once they were in the forest, the guard tried to kill her. Marian kicked him, hard, and ran away, deeper yet into the wood.


Marian wandered along through the wood in great annoyance, and the squirrels were dancing around her, but none dared to come nearer. In the evening she came to a camp that was neatly hidden in the woods, and went in to rest, though nobody else was there.

The camp was quite nice. Inside were seven small and big beds, seven stools, seven small and big plates, seven loaves of bread, seven glasses with ale and seven knives and spoons.

As Marian was very hungry, she picked a bit of a loaf of bread, drank a bit of one glass of ale, and finally decided to lie down and sleep. She tried all of the beds, but some were way too large and one was so tiny she could not imagine anyone sleeping in there. She chose one for herself then where she fitted in well, and soon fell asleep.

By and by in came the owners of the camp. Now they were seven outlaws, six men and one brave squirrel, to be exact - alright, five men, one woman and one brave squirrel - that lived in the woods.

They saw at once that not all was right.

The first said, “Who has been sitting on my stool?”

One young and tall outlaw replied, “I made that stool, don't forget that.”

But the next went on, “Who has been eating off my plate?”

Another replied, “I cooked that food, remember?”

But another went on, “Who has been meddling with my spoon?”

“Who has been picking my bread?”

“Who has been cutting with my knife?”

“Who has been drinking my ale?”



The first then turned around. “Who has been lying on my bed?”

And the rest came running to him and everyone cried out that someone had been lying on their bed. One saw Marian and called all of the outlaws to him.

“What is she doing here?”

But they were very glad to see her and took care not to wake her, and the seventh outlaw slept an hour with each of the other outlaws in turn till the night was over.

In the morning, Marian told them what had happened. They agreed that she could stay at the camp, if she promised to be careful. Marian didn't much like that condition, but decided to stay.


When that was settled, all the outlaws threw a party and celebrated, for it had been a long time since they had made a new friend. Marian became good friends with the outlaws, teaching them special fighting skills, and even donning a mask to help them fight against the evil sheriff's minions without anyone discovering that it was her.

Meanwhile, the evil sheriff thought the guard had killed Marian, and assumed to have Gisborne's full attention now. He turned to his mirror again.

“La di da di da, tell me, who is more important to Gisborne, I or the dead and gone leper?”

Before anything or anyone could answer, Guy stormed into the chamber.

“Marian is gone! I need to go and search for her! Maybe she went to the forest, and got lost there!”

The sheriff was furious for he now realised that the guard might not have spoken the truth. Maybe Marian was still alive, was somewhere out there in the woods. And Gisborne was even more distracted.

The evil sheriff then had an evil idea. He dressed up as an old beggar and walked into the woods. He guessed that the outlaws would soon find him. Maybe they had found Marian as well and would then unknowingly lead him to her, when they wanted to help the poor old man that he pretended to be.


He did not even need this to happen though for soon he was lucky all on his own. As he wandered the woods, he ran into Marian herself who looked at him in wonder.

“Good day, are you in need of any help?”

“Oh yes,” the evil sheriff replied. “My family is very poor because the evil sheriff has taken all our money for his evil taxes. Now we have only some apples left to sell but nobody wants them.”

“I can give you money,” Marian replied. “And I am going to buy your apples.”

The evil sheriff handed Marian a bag with poisoned apples that he had prepared earlier. The outside of the apples looked very rosy and tempting, but whoever tasted them was sure to die.

Marian took one of the apples after she had handed the money to the poor old evil sheriff. She bit in it and moments later she realised that she had been poisoned. She looked at the poor old evil sheriff again and finally recognized him.

“You!” With her last might she threw the poisoned apples at him and they hit him flat in his face, moments before she fell to the ground.

The sheriff was hurt and annoyed, but fled, assured that he had finally rid of Marian.

When evening came and the outlaws came home from robbing the rich and giving to the poor, they found Marian lying there. No breath came from her and they were afraid she was quite dead.


They mourned and cried, and then decided to carry her back to her home.


On the way though, they ran into Gisborne and his guards. Gisborne cried too when he saw what had been done. He ordered his guards to take over carrying Marian back to the castle while the seven outlaws watched sadly.

The guards were quite clumsy though and dropped the stretcher with Marian to the ground.


As this happened, the poisoned piece of apple fell from her mouth and she awoke.

Everyone rejoiced and she told them all what had happened. They went back to the castle and the seven outlaws followed as well to see what was going on.

As the evil sheriff saw Marian alive and well, he went into a terrible rage, and finally sent Prince John his resignation note and decided to go into a monastery where there would be no lepers.

And everyone else lived happily ever after.


Title: Tweet fics
Characters: Will, outlaw, Marian
Rating: PG
Hoodland Challenge: Tweet fic challenge
Date: 19 Jul 10

# The first year in the forest, winter nears. A place to stay is the natural thing on a carpenter's mind. Will cuts the first wood for a camp.

# Moments that could be the last. Hoping that someone will come, again. Questions, if he even wants them to. It could be over, for once.

# It’s easy to take and give to those in need. She pulls the cloak over her face, but her sex is the best mask she has. A phantom is born.

Title: Allan goes Camelot
Characters: Allan (& Merlin, Gaius, Morgana)
Rating: PG
Hoodland Challenge: Twilight Zone challenge
Date: 26 Oct 10

Allan had once again felt that he needed to find a new job after the sheriff had blamed him for yet another deed by Robin Hood and Allan had barely escaped with his life.

He wandered the castle, trying to think of what he might do, hoping to maybe find new ways in and out of the castle he hadn't told the sheriff about and that might come in use later.

At one point, he pushed against a random door, stepping through and finding himself in another dark hallway. He had never known that there were two parallel hallways, divided only by a wall as thin as his hand was wide.

After walking the hallways for a while he finally found the courtyard again. Which was decidedly not Nottingham's courtyard. Where was he?

“Hey you!”

Allan turned quickly, his mind already coming up with a number of good excuses.

“What are you doing here?”

“I was... I was thinking that I need a new job.”

“Where’d you come from?”

“Eh, Nottingham.” Allan looked around, more and more certain that this was not Nottingham castle, but quite another place. “Where is here?”

The other looked at him as if he was crazy. “Camelot. You need a job you say?”

It wasn't the easiest task, but at least it seemed safer than working at the castle back in Nottingham. Allan hadn't seen the king yet who was supposedly in charge here, but he knew all too well that kings could mean trouble, if they were around at all that was.

He had been carrying sacks of flour for a good while now, and he could already see the sun setting in the distance. It was definitely time for a good meal, but he wasn't done, and wasn't really willing to blow it already. Soon the sun vanished, leaving the land in darkness, and it was then that Allan saw yet another person making their way over the yard. They were wearing a red cloak and had pulled the hood over their head, but still Allan got a quick glance at the dark hair of the woman who was walking straight ahead to leave the castle behind.

He frowned. As well as she was clad, she was probably a noble woman, but what was she doing leaving the castle alone at night? He didn't care to follow, but was mildly curious anyway. His gaze followed her out of the castle gate. He knew forest lay beyond the walls of the town. What did she want there?

Of course when he thought of it, it felt all too familiar. Marian was often doing the same. Sneaking out of the castle to meet the outlaws in the forest, tell them secrets from inside the castle. Who knew what this girl was doing...

Allan shook his head, turning to go back to his work.

The next night Allan was working by the castle gate again, and could watch the same turn of events unfold once more. By now he knew who the woman was. When he had had his meal with the other servants last night, she had returned, and whispers had told him that she was the Lady Morgana, the king's ward.

Allan chuckled at the thought, wondering if the king knew about the nightly adventures of his ward. If she was anything like the Lady Marian she might be meeting outlaws in the forest and telling them who knew what about what was going on in the castle.

Allan lifted the sack of flour, getting ready to carry it to the kitchen. He walked with the sack over his shoulder when he was almost knocked over by a boy who was running full-speed over the yard. Allan let out a curse and turned to see where the young man was going. He wasn't especially quiet about it, but as far as Allan could see, he was following Morgana. Allan had no idea what that was about. Maybe the king was on to her and had someone following...

A few hours later, Allan dropped tiredly down onto the bench, reaching for his share of the meal that was being passed around. After the spoon had found its way into his mouth, he was already starting to feel better and let his gaze wander around the room.

It stopped when it fell on the boy that had nearly run him over earlier. He was talking to an old man and Allan would see that he was rather agitated. Allan's interest was piqued and he quickly finished up his meal, before wandering closer to the pair.

Over the noise of the others only a few words reached his ears. “Morgana”, “forest”, “Arthur”, “danger”. He was past them then and looked up to the gallery above, catching sight of someone up there. She was standing there, listening and her expression spoke volumes. This one wasn't meaning well for the two. And the way she was eaves-dropping...

The next moment he could see a small light appearing above and it was moving with troubling speed towards the two conversing men. Allan didn't understand how this was possible. He didn't even get to shout a warning. The next moment the young man lifted his hand and muttered something under his breath, his eyes lighting up in a weird shine. The light that had come from above imploded.

Allan stumbled backwards. He had heard of those things, but he had never really believed that they existed. Magic.

When he glanced up, the woman was gone.

He got to his feet shakily and another glance told him that the two men were gone as well. Rubbing his eyes, he turned to leave and found himself in front of the lady. Morgana. Her gaze pierced into him, and he wondered if she had seen him watching her.

Maybe he had been on to something. Maybe it needed a traitor to recognize a traitor.

Title: An invitation
Characters: Count Friedrich, Marian
Rating: PG
Hoodland Challenge: Guest Character Drabble
Date: 16 Nov 10

Bavaria could simply be so boring sometimes.

Count Friedrich missed the excitement of England. He had happily given money for the adventure there.

But with the slowness of news nowadays, it was hard to keep up with what was going on on that odd little island.

Ach, Marian...
So duftend dein Haar...
Der Wald...

Count Friedrich crumpled up the parchment. This would not work.

He wasn't a count for nothing. And he had a castle after all. Which was considerably prettier than the Castle of Nottingham.

Count Friedrich reached for a new piece of parchment. An invitation. That was it.

Title: Four Times Much Didn't Understand An Euphemism And One Time He Did
Characters: Much, the outlaws
Rating: PG
Hoodland Challenge: Five Times fic
Date: 25 Nov 10

When Much was three years old, his mother went to the other side.

That was what the people had said, the ones he had been living with then. Much had kept walking around walls, checking behind doors, glancing behind curtains, searching, but after he had looked for her at every other side he could find, he had felt that the world was way too big for him to ever check everywhere. She was away, gone, and he was still here.


It was before he and Robin left for the Holy Land that Sir Edward had always been worried. Much hadn't been sure what was going on, but the other servants had whispered that the sheriff thought Robin would get Marian in a situation – and before they were even married.

Much wasn't sure what situation he meant. Sure, the two were getting into trouble on their own. Robin was basically friends with trouble, and Marian didn't seem to mind some of it from now and then either, especially when she was with Much's master.

So he really didn't know what other situation it could be that made Sir Edward worry.


Their messenger had been caught and worry was with everyone. Much watched as Robin paced the camp, frowning deeply.

“What if he's going to talk, Robin?” Will wanted to know.

Much didn't like the idea. After all, the man even knew of their camp. “Surely, he's not going to tell the sheriff about our camp!”

Robin shook his head. “Vaizey's going to use some persuasion.”

Much shrugged helplessly. “Then we don't need to worry, do we? The sheriff's arguments are not going to be very good.”


It was when Marian was living at the camp with everyone else. Much was somewhat unnerved that she and Robin seemed to go off, together, alone so very often. And not only the two of them; Will and Djaq were the same.

Stirring the pot that was slowly cooking over the fire, he could hear John and Will quietly talking with each other. He heard them mention their names then, Robin's and Marian's, and glanced over to them, just when John grimaced. “So do you think they are sleeping together?”

Will looked away, blushing.

Much shook his head. He didn't get it. Why was that even a question? All of them were sleeping together, all the time.


Robin groaned, laying back down and closing his eyes against the morning light.

“What's up with him?” Much asked John, who grimaced.

“Just leave me alone,” Robin said.

Much frowned, looking down at the man. “Are you still tired? You've slept the whole night.”

“Leave him,” John advised.

Much sniffed.

“He's tired and emotional,” John added in a quiet voice.

“You mean he's drunk.”

John gave him a faint smile.

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